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Fer and Ish met in South America, almost two decades ago. Fer is an American, born and raised in Argentina and Ish is an American of Mexican decent. They both shared two passions, discovering all the amazing places Latin America has to offer, and FOOD! 

Fer & Ish, fell deply in love with the Latin American culture, and tasting all the amazing food and snacks that each country had to offer, was the natural thing to do! After each trip was over, they came back home with their bags packed full with snacks from each place they visited. Their families and friends were always looking forward to their come back, to hear all about their trip, and experience the culture through the stories they shared while tasting all the different snacks they had brought.

That's how Latino Box was born. A fun and colorful box, just like our culture, that will transport you to Latin America's snack heaven! You'll discover so many mouth watering tastes and flavors, typical of each country. In a way, it feels like you are traveling through Latin America, and you don't even have to pack your bags!

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Go ahead, indulge yourself! Because you are worth it! Latino Box will take you to Latin America's snack heaven. How cool is to explore different countries with one box? and you don't even have to pack your lugagge, or book a flight! Latino Box comes to you, with a great variety of delicious sweet, salty, sour, spicy treats from all over Central and South America!

Take a trip down memory lane, when tasting again those delicious snacks you used to eat as a kid back in your country. Or learn about the different flavors of our amazing Latin American culture.